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Tuesday, October 9, 2018 (Listed under Environment)

If disruptive green-tech innovations make you smile, you'll want to check out the stunningly beautiful design of SmartFlower Solar's sunflower-inspired installations, which have captured the attention of the green tech and art worlds alike. Just last week, one of the company's solar-paneled flower installations was on display at the Luxury Technology Show in mid-town Manhattan. 

The design of this all-in-one solar solution is based on the sunflower's "heliotropic" ability to track and follow the sun. The SmartFlower mimics the sunflower, as it unfolds its twelve paneled petals each morning, adjusts its positioing to directly face the sun throughout the day, and then folds and colapses its petals at sunset to rest overnight. This YouTube video is a simulation of a SolarFlower's daily operation.  

The simplicity of this stand-alone system is punctuated by the fact that it's not connected to the Grid, so electricity flowing from the SmartFlower can power your electric car, your kitchen appliances, your office equipment or augment the energy demands of a commerical business or municipal enterprise, such as a zoo or botanical garden.

The SmartFlower even self-cleans its components as it opens and closes each day, making it 5% more efficient than other solar panels. And because the SmartFlower tracks the sun at an optimal 90° angle, it delivers a maximum solar output to the consumer, in some cases surpassing rooftop solar panels' efficiency up to 40%.

To see a SolarFlower Solar system being installed, check out this YouTube video.

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