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Sunday, June 30, 2019 (Listed under Environment)

The Democratic National Commitee (DNC) is playing obstruction on climate at a time when voters view climate change as a top election issue. A May 2019 CNN poll found that eighty-two percent of survey respondents think "it's very important that the Democratic candidate for president support taking aggressive action to slow the effects of climate change."

Please call the DNC to request a #ClimateDebate: (202) 863-8000. 9-5 M-F

Every social and economic challenge we face is exacerbated by a planet in distress. From national security, housing, immigration, life expectancy and drinking water safety to food scarcity, ocean acidification, infectious diseases, hunger, social justice, coastal errosion and frontline communities in peril, life on earth today has become increasingly unpredictable. Over 250,000 climate refugees fled the California wildfires last summer. From Paradise, CA to Malibu Beach and beyond, CA was declared a state of emergency. Florida's retirees are moving further north as insurance premiums rise in the wake of climate-fueled storm damage. In January 2016, the Department of Housing and Urban Development allocated $48 million to re-locate the residents of Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiana due to rising seas innundating their community. This was part of a $1B package to address climate adaptation across the U.S. 

Building a sustainable, renewable energy-powered economy while also drawing down carbon to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 must be the priority of the next administration. Leila Conners (@Leilaconners) and Leonardo Di Caprio's (@LeoDiCaprio) free-streaming film on HBODocs, ICE ON FIRE, explores how drawdown strategies are being put to work today. 

In addition to calling the DNC to request a #ClimateDebate:

1) know that climate change isn't an opinion - it's a fact

2) defend climate science and share the facts with friends and family

3) organise to vote climate deniers out of office

4) call your elected officials to demand an end to fossil fuel subsidies and tell them you'll only support politicians who sign the #NoFossilFuelMoney pledge

5) call your electricity provider to switch to wind & solar powered electricity

6) write letters to the editor of your local paper calling for climate action in your neighborhood

7) divest your investments from fossil fuels 

8) ask your alma mater and/or employer to divest as well

9) remember that climate change is a kitchen sink issue because it affects everything now

I leave you with this story about U.S. climate refugees from The Guardian.










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