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Wednesday, November 20, 2019 (Listed under Environment)

The holidays are here and I want to share one of the best gifts that you can give yourself for the New Year.

Get up-to-speed on the climate and the forces that are sending planetary temperatures soaring by signing up for Dr. Michael E. Mann's edX course, Climate Change: The Science and the Global Impact.

Dr. Mann, one of the world's most well-recognized climate scientists, has a knack for packaging the fundamentals of the climate crisis—both how we got here and where we must head—into accessible video lectures that place both the challenges and the solutions right in your hand. This course provides you with the climate credibility you need as you explore how to share the science and build a community of climate-centric activists/colleagues who can help you influence large constituencies of voters to send climate-centric, reality-based thinkers to work for the communities that they represent. 

From the fundamental mechanisms of the carbon cycle to trending temperatures in the ocean, atmosphere and cryosphere, Dr. Mann makes science real. You'll learn how about climate models and the exponential increase of droughts, hurricanes, floods, sea rise and ice melt over the past ten to fifty years. You'll learn how modern man-made systems have pushed us past key carbon tipping points and placed us in the precarious position of having to radically transform the world as we know it in a decade. It can be done, but there's hope if we're all in the effort together.  

In addition to sighning up for Dr. Mann's course, consider these gifts to yourself and your family:   

  • Call your electricity provider and request a switch to wind or solar powered electricity. Here in Texas, where I live, a 100% wind power and/or 100% solar power package from Austin-based Green Mountain Energy is now cheaper than electricity made from burning natural gas and coal. Email me if you have trouble finding renewably-powered electricity where you live and I will try to help.
  • Consider buying an electric vehicle (EV) that can be plugged into your wind and/or solar powered home!
  • Ask your school or workplace to install EV charging stations and request that priority parking be made available to all those people who drive EVs.
  • Ask your employer if a carbon-free or low-carbon 401K package is available—this means that the big fossil fuel producers represent a much smaller or nonexistent percentage of the fund's investments.
  • Ask about your pension too and whether you can handpick the stocks and funds that it is invested in. Note that the University of California recently announced that it has divested its 13.4-billion-dollar endowment from fossil fuels and that their 70-billion-dollar pension fund will soon be divested as well. 

 Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


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