During the 2010 BP Oil tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico, I began my role as a blogger for Energy Boom, and, later, as a Huffington Post contributer, focusing on the economic logic of growing the nation's clean energy infrastructure. One memorable interview was with Billy Nungesser, the charismatic, highly vocal former president of Plaquemines Parish (now LT Governor of Louisiana), whose public presence in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon well blowout drew sustained media attention to his coastline community. I continue to interview experts and report on clean energy innovations, particularly the ascent of wind and solar power and the potential for wave and tidal power to supply abundant amounts of carbon-free electricity to coastal cities and towns.

I'm delighted to now also be a published children's author. When the Wind the Blows is my first book in a three-part rhyming, renewable energy series. In When the Wind Blows, a lively day spent along the coast reveals offshore windmills spinning ocean breezes into clean electricity for nearby homes, harbors, hillsides and highways. Cultural, environmental & scientific leaders have shared their endorsements for WIND, which can be found on My writing for children is inspired by the ability of wind, solar and water to transform the way that cities and towns are powered in Texas and around the world.

My second book, Planet Power: Explore the World's Renewable Energy, will be released in 2021. From the rushing rivers of Paraguay, the windy mountains of China, the sunny skies of India, the rising steam of Kenya, the rolling waves of Gibraltar and the predictable tides of the United States, Planet Power reveals how natural resources can generate clean, carbon-free electricity for the world.

Exquisitely illustrated by Annalisa Beghetti, Planet Power's rhyming verses are accompanied by endnotes that expand the science for advancing readers and make the book a perfect addition to elementary classrooms and libraries.

Planet Power (Barefoot Books, 2021) brings together poetry, science, art, technology and culture in a vibrant, exciting, hopeful picture book for children, aged 2-10.

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