Southern Methodist University, School of Education and Human Development, 2006

Admitted to Southern Methodist University’s teaching program in 2004, and in May, 2006 received Early Childhood Education Certification, earning a 4.0 GPA. In June, 2006, passed State of Texas educator tests #113 and #116 for 4-8 grade English Language Arts & Reading/Social Studies, and 4-8 grade Science, respectively.

Skidmore College, B.A., Environmental Geology/Economics, 1984

Created first-ever environmental geology degree by combining independent economic internships at Skidmore with independent environmental internships at Harvard and Stanford.

Independent Research on behalf of Dr. Anne-Marie Izac, Department of Economics, 1981-1982
Researched and contrasted the economic tools used to value (or "price") natural resources such as uncontaminated air and water, both in the United States and the former Soviet Union.

Stanford University, Department of Earth Sciences, 1983

Received scholarship from Skidmore College to assist graduate team with development of computer models designed to aid farmers in the Salinas Valley, where demands on groundwater for irrigation are continually increasing.  Our models calculated the volume of fresh water that would have to be pumped under pressure into specially drilled wells to create a "pressure barrier" against sea water entering the area’s groundwater supply.

Harvard University, School of Public Health, 1982

As part of Environmental Geology degree at Skidmore College, worked with research team appointed by the Environmental Protection Agency to report on conditions at and around the W.R. Grace facility in Woburn, Massachusetts. This industrial property was the focus of the 1999 motion picture, Civil Action, which addressed the lawsuit brought against W.R. Grace following the discovery of chemical contamination in two of Woburn’s public drinking water supply wells.


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