Texas Oil Tycoon goes Green

Monday, July 19, 2010 (Listed under Environment)

In today's NYT, Todd Woody reports on why the BP Disaster prompted Larry Hagman to “bring back the J.R. character.”


Hagman, whose home in southern California sports a 94-kilowatt solar installation, proudly walks the “Shine, baby, shine” walk; his solar-powered Ojai residence feeds excess electricity directly back to the grid. Hagman has evolved from the stampeding oil tycoon he played on the hit show, Dallas, to a savvy renewable energy engineer, carbon-free energy producer, and green energy promoter. In return for SolarWorld's promise to equip five health clinics in Haiti with solar power, Hagman produced an ad campaign in support of the German solar leader and the emerging global solar industry. SolarWorld's U.S.-based factories are in California and Oregon.

Well done, Larry!




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