Wind Power Supporters want to make Progress

Sunday, December 12, 2010 (Listed under Environment)

Below is my Letter to the Editor printed in the Cape Cod Times today. It's also available online by clicking here:

Most Cape Wind supporters want progress, not money

John Arnold's Dec. 8 letter presents yet more of the same disinformation concerning Cape Wind's pioneering offshore wind farm.

Arnold erroneously suggests, "Most of the letters favorable to Cape Wind, if not all, are written by investors in Cape Wind." For the record, I am a preschool teacher who simply, but affirmatively, believes in every American's right to demand and to choose cleaner, smarter sources of electricity. Like so many of Cape Wind's supporters, I therefore bear the responsibility of "outing" the misguided and confounding protests of the anti-wind crowd, who continually spin their mischief to mislead American consumers.

So, what does a schoolteacher with a teenage son have to gain as a result of Cape Wind's recent approval, if not financial reward? It's simple: cleaner air and a smarter, more sustainable future for my family. I believe I am well-informed in reporting that the majority of pro-Cape Wind writers printed in the Cape Cod Times are citizens invested as I am: not to make money, but simply to make progress.

Stacy Clark



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