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Carl Safina's extensive environmental journeys provide compelling justification that ENERGY REFORM (and the Made in the U.S.A. jobs that MUST support it) will provide the indispensable economic stimulus required to get moving again.

Below are excerpts from the crisp ideas Safina recently shared with The Washington Post and Booklist readers:


Carl Safina's December 21, 2010 guest column for The Washington Post:
“For America to lead on energy with minimal government interference and positive budget savings, we should end the subsidies to Big Oil and Big Coal…

...As several writers including myself have pointed out, U.S. leadership on climate change and energy innovation is also very much about national security, patriotism and rebuilding the economy. The nation that owns the energy future will own the future…

...I'd rather it not be China; I'd rather it be the United States. But the United States has to decide it wants to lead.”
Safina's complete column: http://tinyurl.com/26vdjjl


Booklist's December 1st interview with Safina:
Has he [Safina] seen a rise in ecological awareness since his first book came out?

“Yes, but two things have increased at an extremely rapid rate. One is understanding, appreciation, and concern. The other is the magnitude and unmanageability of the problems. So, the problems that I thought were so important and so critical when I was working on my first book seem quaint to me now, and the way to fix them was so easy to do, easy to have accomplished if people wanted to. The big problems now have to do with the changing climate and require revising the whole energy basis of the economy. And although that would be doable, and I think it would be extremely stimulating to the economy, it flies in the face of gigantic, entrenched economic interests like Big Oil and Big Coal.” 
Booklist's complete interview with Safina: http://tinyurl.com/24sb5ch




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