Green Energy may be America's Next Lunar Landing

Sunday, January 9, 2011 (Listed under Environment)

On January 7, 2011, Matthew L. Wald wrote an article for the NYT's Energy and Environment GREEN Blog entitled, Cape Wind is Cleared for Takeoff--Mostly. Wald's piece quotes Cape Wind spokesman, Mark Rodgers, and reports that Cape Wind received its final government permit last Friday.

My second online comment is copied below:

Isn't it interesting how the national debate over the metrics of the Green Energy Economy is reflected right here on one NYT response board?!? There are the can-doers...the ones that see a great challenge and tackle it with enthusiasm and solutions; then there are the Debbie & Danny Downers, who see any change as undoable, despite pragmatic (and empirical) evidence to the contrary.

Insanity is when a person, a group, of even a government repeats the same unrewarding behavior, expecting the result to be different. I don't want to speculate here, nor am I a psychologist (I'm an environmental geologist who analyzes chemical data and presents the human health findings to business communities), but it would seem logical that the nation that welcomes energy innovation, capable of delivering cleaner power, is a relatively well-adjusted society. Don't we want livable, greener communities where wind, water, and solar energy provide the inexhaustible flow of power we require? Don't we want a new manufacturing base capable of seriously competing in the global arena?

Surely, the nation that first landed on the moon should be champing at the bit to reinvent its industrial base! The “Green Energy Economy” Mother Jones Magazine's Washington Bureau Chief, David Corn, referenced on MSNBC's Hardball Friday night, may just be America's next lunar landing. Recall the liberating moment Americans first heard NASA's live feed from the moon?

“This is one giant step for man…one giant step for mankind.”

It's time to fire up the engines again and engineer our way into the next great American-made industrial revolution!

Tackling Education, Healthcare, Immigration, and multiple other complex issues requires a nation that can first take comfort in a vibrant domestic economy. It's my personal view that the many issues of our day, and decade, will benefit from a nation that is increasingly self-sufficient and sated by the substance of their own work and their country's forward vision.


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