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Yes, I HAVE been working on a new climate article involving the pioneering work of U.K. legal scholar, Polly Higgins, University of Oregon law professor, Mary Wood, and Massachusetts-based environmental attorney, Matt Pawa. Collectively, their careers reveal that trust law may provide the modern remedy required to protect our atmosphere from the most harmful man-made pollution – namely, heat-trapping emissions of carbon dioxide, methane and other planet-altering greenhouse gases.

Then, today, I watched an interview on MSNBC's The Dylan Ratigan Show about a 16 year-old named Alec Loorz. Alec organized the iMatterMarch & Kids vs. Global Warming campaigns to ignite his generation's interest in changing, or rather, saving the world.

Alec has filed suits in 50 states to create an “atmospheric trust” because he believes that public trust law is capable of protecting the atmosphere. Alec is tapping youth climate activists who see their futures diminished not so much by national debt, but by the environmental devastation they believe is occurring as a result of unmitigated and under-unregulated greenhouse gas emissions. So, I plan to add Alec to my growing list of summer interviewees! But this is a luxury that will have to wait!


Because i have been very busy working with three savvy partners and the "genius team" at Portsmouth, NH-based PixelMEDIA! For nearly a year now, we've been building INKUBATE – a new online showcase for aspiring writers and the publishers and agents they want to reach!

We just launched the Writers' side of INKUBATE last week, so we're all inviting our writing friends and colleagues to share their work.

Specifically, we're inviting writers to:

Open their notebooks & dust off their manuscripts.
Sign on to Inkubate & post their work.
Build their profile & their literary brand.

Inkubate's highly organized, searchable portfolio will only be viewable by vetted publishers and agents. When we invite publishers to join INKUBATE, they will be searching the works our friends and colleagues post!

Sound good? Great! We invite you to sign up

Alternatively, have a look at our InkLink Blog.

If you already have questions, we've answered a few of them here!

If you are a curious publisher or agent, INKUBATE is for you, too! 

Thank you! 

Stacy Clark

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