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Thursday, December 10, 2015 (Listed under Environment)

As the U.N. climate talks in Paris continue to draw international attention, one important article in Scientific American sums up the hope, promise and potential of the conference with numbers we can all relate to.

Mark Fischetti's interview with Stanford University Professor Mark Jacobson is a refreshing dive into the technological and economic roadmap needed to significanly lower concentrations of atmospheric carbon. The roadmap, artfully designed and scientifically-based, illustrates the wind, sun and water power infrastructure required over the next 35 years to transform the global energy grid to one that is nearly 100 percent renewably powered.

The mix of clean energy resources needed to power 139 countries without fossil fuels or nuclear power breaks down this way:

19.4% onshore wind

12.9% offshore wind

42% utility-scale photovoltaic solar arrays

7.7% concentrated solar

5.6% rooftop solar

6% commercial solar

5.6% rooftop solar

4.8% hydroelectric

1.47% geothermal, wave tidal 

To learn more about the Stanford University research forming these numbers, check out The Solutions Project, a group of scientists, economists and cultural influencers who have successfully distilled the steps needed to move to a sustainable energy future. In partnership with actor and clean energy activist Mark Ruffalo, economist Marco Krapels, filmmaker Josh Fox (and benefiting from the support of the Leonardo DeCaprio Foundation and the Elon Musk Foundation), Jacobson and his research students have pioneered the path to a future we can all agree on. 

If you don't want to wait to go 100% renewable, google the electricity providers in your region to find the one that offers electrictiy generated by the wind, sun and/or water. 



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