My Interview with CEO Laura Zapata

Friday, August 6, 2021 (Listed under Environment)

In my recent Meet the Heroes interview, you will meet Laura Zapata, CEO of, a Nashville-based solar power solutions company that is building a solar power farm in western Tennessee. Laura is also a former communications executive at UBER.

In anticipation of Clearloop's upcoming groundbreaking in Jackson, Tennessee on September 2, I spoke to Laura about Clearloop delivering one million watts of solar power to a carbon intensive region and what that means for homeowners, children, teachers and electrical engineering students who live nearby the project. For those people interested in renewable energy, greening the grid, solving the climate crisis or the solutions that are win-wins for the environment and for business, this video is for you.

Laura described the impact of having former Nashville Mayor and former Tennessee Governor Phil Bresden on the team. As a long-standing solar power entrepreneur, Governor Bresden brings his formidable expertise in building large-scale solar projects to Clearloop, in a targeted effort to merge the growing demand for corporate carbon offsets with the greening of Jackson, TN's electric grid.

We also discussed the importance of compelling messaging and how Clearloop's succinct storytelling makes it easy for them to attract a variety of partners, brands and people to the project. Laura explained the difference between a business choosing to go “carbon neutral,” “carbon negative” or “climate positive.” (They're all good, by the way.)

I thought it would be great if the carbon footprint associated with the manufacture and shipping of my new book, Planet Power: Explore the World's Renewable Energy, could be offset by Clearloop's solar farm. In this video, you'll hear how Laura and I worked together with the team at WAP Sustainability to make that happen!

And, finally, Laura offers uplifting advice to those people interested in working in the fields of renewable energy and sustainability. The good news? It welcomes the skills of people across a broad spectrum of disciplines. If you've got passion for what you do, chances are that the renewable energy industry needs your talent. 

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