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Friday, March 11, 2022 (Listed under Environment)

We can all reduce the demand for conflict fuels by switching to a renewable energy electricity provider.

Buying renewable power means that the money you spend on electricity goes to the construction of wind turbines, solar farms and batteries, not fossil fuel extraction, transportation, refining and combustion.

Buying renewable power means that you're part of the clean energy transformation.

Each individual choice to switch to renewables adds up - the collective increased demand means that wind and solar power are already cheaper than fossil fuels in many cities and towns.
 As renewables are adopted, investors recognize the opportunities of renewables - and the liabilities of fossil fuels. The movement of their money is felt around the world.

True energy independence, free of global conflict, can only come from a shift to renewables and, ultimately, the electrification of transportaion, manufacturing and heating and cooling. Where you choose to buy your electricity is a huge part of that change. If you want to move the economy toward sustainability, buy renewables. If you want to tackle climate change, buy renewables. If you want to build a safer world, unencumbered by conflict oil and gas, buy renewables. 

From the Empire State Building to the Hill Country of Texas to the farmland of California's Salinas Valley, power companies now offer individuals and businesses clean power choices.


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