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Wednesday, June 1, 2022 (Listed under Environment)

If you're interested in my perspective on how to best share the science of climate change with children, check out a series of recent video clips on the ClimateCast link at

In these brief chats, I and Christy Mihaly, author of the award-winning book, WATER: A Deep Dive of Discovery, enjoy a conversation about kids and science with Neil Gordon, CEO of the Discovery Museum in Acton, MA.

We speak about our excitement for harnessing and distributing renewable energy worldwide, protecting water supplies and coral reefs and why our respective books inspire hope and civic-engagement at all ages.

One takeaway is that social media can be an important part of the learning experience for kids. For example, following The Weather Channel, Bill Nye, the Science Guy, Bill McKibben, Michael E. Mann, Mark Z. Jacobson and NASA, for example, helps children to step into the conversation and feel the motivation to get involved in the solution. Experts' posts and tweets provide ample opportunities to discuss the facts and explore proposed solutions.

I share with Neil and Christy why distributed renewable energy provides a way for all people everywhere to share in the worldwide economy. I have long believed that renewable energy is the ultimate democratization of energy. With wind, water and sunshine, even remote island nations can benefit from clean, sustainable power and forego expensive, polluting diesel fuel imports. Eco Wave Power's ocean buoys are featured in my recent book, Planet Power: Explore the World's Renewable Energy, as are Verdant Power's tidal turbines in the East River of New York City. In fact, all of the technologies presented in Planet Power are grid-connected energy projects that highlight the reality that renewables are at work around the world today.

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