"Planet Power" Wins Nautilus Award!

Tuesday, June 14, 2022 (Listed under Publications)

Planet Power: Explore the World's Renewable Energy, illustrated by Annalisa Beghelli and published last year by Barefoot Books, received a Nautilus “Better Books for a Better World” Award!

Nautilus Book awards shine a light on books of “exceptional merit that make a literary contribution to green values, sustainability, responsible leadership and positive social change.”

Also, the Climate Reality Chapter of Boca Raton, recently shared this endorsement of Planet Power on their Facebook page:

Planet Power introduces children to how we can harness the planet's natural resources including the wind, water and the sun. Clever layout uses reference tabs and inset boxes to define new words like 'turbine.' The gorgeous illustrations will keep little minds engaged!”

You can order Planet Power and When the Wind Blows (my first renewable energy book) using the links on my book site, StacyClarkBooks.com. Both books use rhyming, lyrical verses to define the technologies presented.  

Also check out each book's endorsements! From Bill McKibben, Ed Begley, Michael E. Mann, Pete Seeger and Katharine Hayhoe to Carl Safina, Inna Braverman, Mark Z. Jacobson, Mark Ruffalo and John Hall, the list makes me smile.

Planet Power's printing, binding, shipping and marketing has been carbon offset, thanks to the Clearloop solar farm in Jackson, TN. So a book about the environment is good for the environment! Planet Power is helping to grow equitable, clean energy jobs and, with the other Clearloop partners, is expanding the myriad synergies between climate mitigation, technological skills traiining and distributed renewable power projects. You can read all about Planet Power's partnership with Clarloop here.

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Thanks for the interest in my books and helping to protect this beautiful planet!



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