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Tuesday, June 28, 2022 (Listed under Environment)

Today, I finally met @EcoWavePower's Inna Braverman (@InnaBraverman) in person. Part of “The Next Scientific Revolution” conference, hosted by @TheAtlantic @CityWineryNYC, Inna shared her company's model and vision for a cleaner energy future.

The Atlantic's writer Derek Thompson (@DKThomp) served as moderator. He asked Braverman how Eco Wave Power's technology works.

“We turn existing structures into sources of clean energy. Our proprietary floaters are attached to near shore piers, breakwaters and jetties so that no real estate is needed,” Inna explained. “And unlike the earlier forms of offshore wave power, which anchor to the sea floor, we connect our technology to existing structures so that we are not impacting the environment.”

When asked about the adoption of the wave floater technology worldwide, Braverman said that her company is “routinely approached to install the floaters in ports and harbor areas because wave power is seen as a smart way to bring cleaner energy to what are often old industrial - and sometimes heavily polluted - environments.”

“Our first projects were in Gibraltar and Israel and our upcoming projects are in Los Angeles and New Jersey."

Braverman further explained, “Like we did in Gibraltar, we use the local breakwaters to install our floater technology and we fund the power station that harnesses the electricity from the waves. In doing so, we create a new, sustainable industry for a port, for example, and a new revenue stream for the area. We also maintain the breakers, so that's an added benefit for our partners.”

When asked about the potential of wave power to transition our energy economy towards a greener, more sustainable footprint, Inna said, “Wave power can produce 66 percent of the required electricity in the United States, so if President Biden (@POTUS) is serious about climate change, he should be serious about wave power.”

Eco Wave Power's mission is to assist in the fight against climate change by enabling commercial power production from the ocean and sea waves. The technology's presence is viewed as a benefit to regions looking to green their grid and green the environment. Mr. Thompson agreed that Eco Wave Power's technology appears to be a “win-win solution.”

You can view my 2021 interview with Inna Braverman on the ClimateCast section of my book website: You can also purchase “Planet Power: Explore the World's Renewable Technology,” using the site's “Titles” link.

In “Planet Power,” Eco Wave Power's Gibraltar location is featured beautifully in rhyming stanzas and two-page spreads, thanks to my editor Emma Parkin @BarefootBooks and the story's illustrator, Annalisa Beghelli.



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