Off-shore winds can shrink our carbon footprint

Sunday, March 28, 2010 (Listed under Publications)

My Letter to the Editor in support of Cape Wind was published in today's Cape Cod Times. Here is the link:

And here is the article:

Nantucket Sound is a national treasure. Apart from her scenic beauty and once-rich fishing grounds, Nantucket Sound's offshore winds reveal her most endearing charm—the opportunity to shrink our growing carbon footprint.

Repeated reports of Polar ice breaking in the face of warmer global temperatures underscore the speed at which climate change is now altering the face of our planet.

World-renowned NASA climatologist, Dr. James Hansen, calculated the atmospheric limit for carbon to be 350 parts per million (ppm). At 390 ppm, nature's ability to neutralize man's collective carbon output has been exhausted. To paraphrase environmental writer Bill McKibben, who, on March 10th, spoke on climate change at the University of Texas at Arlington: Physics and chemistry don't budge…it's not as if the environment can simply suspend the laws of nature to suit our needs .”

So, to survive, we must adapt. Rather than deny the environmental challenges we face (and lose catastrophically), endorsement of Cape Wind's proposed offshore wind farm seems—on balance—so rational. Cape Wind will deliver clean electricity and a more vibrant local economy based on green-collar employment. Legal hurdles by project opponents only risk our ability to respond proactively to the stunning challenges upon us.

Stacy Clark
Dallas and Jamaica Plain


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